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Benefit From an Excellent Tree Removal Service

Do you have an old and dried-up tree on your property that is becoming a hazard to your house? At Castro Tree & Landscaping Services LLC, we can solve your problem with our well-formulated and high-quality tree removal service. We work with residential and commercial customers in Windsor Mill, MD, and if you’re interested in our assistance, keep reading to learn more.

What Do We Offer?

Tree Removal

Tree Removal
Our capable and well-trained arborists can safely cut down dangerous trees. They will secure the worksite to protect nearby buildings and random passers-by from debris before they start taking down branches and cutting the stem.
Tree Trimming
Keep your saplings and trees well-groomed with our trimming options. Removing big outer branches will offer inner limbs more sunlight and better airflow. We can also cut down sick and withered branches to stop the spread of diseases.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding
We prefer grinding to removal because it is quicker, more affordable, and doesn't leave a large hole in the ground that must be filled and leveled. We have the tools to grind stumps of different sizes.


Book our landscaping services to keep your green spaces in perfect condition. We see gardens as artwork that must be kept lush, colorful, and healthy. With our aid, your property will always be encompassed by eye-catching green areas.

Competent Tree Surgeons

For 15+ years, we have been providing local homeowners and businesses with a wide selection of professional arboreal services. Our array of options has made us one of the leading companies in Windsor Mill, MD. We use time-tested techniques and professional-grade saws to quickly but safely take down trees of different sizes. We can also grind stumps, look after landscapes, and trim saplings and trees. Our mission is to keep green spaces in excellent condition so they can contribute to the curb appeal of residential and commercial properties. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results, which often exceed expectations. Choosing our tree stump removal services and other options means choosing professional work at reasonable prices.

Why Come to Us?

At Castro Tree & Landscaping Services LLC, we believe anyone working on your project should have the right experience and qualifications, which is why we have carefully background-checked and selected our staff. Each arborist at our company is a well-trained professional who can execute a myriad of tasks. Our experts will evaluate the state of your trees before drafting a comprehensive work plan suitable for your needs and budget. They will handle the job while keeping non-stop, transparent communication to ensure your satisfaction. Whether you need quality stump grinding options or advanced tree removal services, we are the right arborists for you. Let us take the stress off your shoulders.

Call now to book our stump grinding service and other options! We would be honored to look after your trees and landscape. We hope to hear from you soon.


A+ Tree Removal

I've used tree services and done my own tree removal for many years. The Castro crew came highly recommended to me by a retired military neighbor. They are the best overall tree service I've used and would give them more than 5 stars. Marlon is a safety focused responsive professional. I received a return call the same day as my initial call with site inspection within 48 hrs and estimate the same day. The tree was down in a week. I had a dangerous 70ft oak leaning at 60 degrees that partially broke due to a high wind /storm, also leaving a 25-30 ft section (dead fall) over 2 property fences and building in jeopardy. Marlon and crew dropped both the dead fall and entire 3ft wide remaining tree between 2 property fences with ease. The 3ft tree base was leaning over and within only 1-2ft of a new 6ft security fence. I've already recommended Marlon to my neighbors...Great job...

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